How to Open a New Claim with Tesco Car Insurance

With the purchase of a car insurance policy, you are protected financially from any major financial loss. What this means is your insurer will pay for any damages incurred by you. This is done through a claim you make with them. This article comprehensively explains how to open a new claim and why you need to contact customer service to complete the claims process.

Before making a claim, it is advisable for you to take down the other party’s details. Also, you may take a few photographs just to make it easy for you to report your accident. Some people may get offended when you try to take some pictures. But when you explain to them that your insurer requires you to do this, they will tone down a lot. Or tell them it is just to make the claims reporting easier without more things to describe. After all, a picture tells a thousand words.

There are a few things you must note using your camera. First, photograph the position of your vehicles. While you do not have to be a great photographer to do so, please remember that you must include some background in the photo in order to clearly describe what happened. Next, take photographs of the damages to your car and the other party’s car. Finally, if there are skid marks left on the road, or if any public properties are damaged, grab those exposures too.

When reporting the accident to Tesco Car Insurance, remember to include every detail. If you are clearly not at fault, it is easy to let the customer service know what happened without too many details. But in reality, more than 95 percent of the accident cases are not clear-cut. This means the claims offer cannot determine on the spot who is right and who is wrong.

As such, Tesco Car Insurance may need to fight your case for you by talking to the other party’s insurer. In many cases, things can be resolved amicably. And most drivers are satisfied with how this company handles their cases for them. In some cases, Tesco Car Insurance has to appoint a lawyer to handle your case. As such, the claims process may become a long-drawn process involving a few hearings.

If you can, avoid such situations. This is because when lawyers are involved in accident cases, your claim gets higher. And when this happens, it will not be good for your insurance records. With higher claims, you will be required to pay more in premiums for the following few years ahead.

If you hope that the other party will pay for all your damages and legal fees, your hope may not become a reality. This is because in most cases, they will not foot the bill for all your damages. In the end, both parties will still have to come out with some money. Worst of all, the actual damages may pale in comparison to the legal fees involved. To be on the safe side, contact Tesco Car Insurance customer service as soon as the accident occurs.